Mini Taco Meatballs

Teresa's Family Kitchen

Mini Taco Meatballs

I made these mini taco meatballs last night with my special blend of taco seasoning! They were tasty, and spicy but not too spicy, just right! They literally taste like a taco without the shell. They make 26-30 mini meatballs that you can serve up at a party or with some nice Spanish rice.


Ground Beef 80/20
1 Egg beaten
1/2 Cup Crushed Tortilla Chips
1/4 Cup Ketchup
3 Tablespoons Chunky Salsa, medium
1/4 Cup Cilantro
Salt to taste

My Taco Seasoning

1 teaspoon Curry powder
1 teaspoon Coriander
1 tablespoon Garlic powder
1 tablespoon Paprika
1 tablespoon Oregano (here’s how I dried my own)
1 tablespoon Chili powder

In a large bowl add your ground beef, beaten egg, ketchup, salsa, cilantro, salt, and crushed tortilla chips. Next add your prepared taco seasoning. Mix all ingredients until well combined. For meatballs, take heaping tablespoons full of…

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