Things I Love

This page is dedicated to all the things I love, including anything from my favorite people, to my favorite foods to skincare products to places I’ve visited. I am really looking forward to sharing with you all of the things that I have come across in my life, and maybe you’ll be happily influenced in trying something new!

My Family

My Family

I couldn’t start a page called “Things I Love” without mentioning my beautiful family. I am the luckiest person in the world having such supportive people in my life. To start I need to say that my husband is a really good guy. He’s always there when I, or someone else needs him. He works hard, and has become a great father to our little boy Julian. Now, my baby boy Julian is a dream come true! He’s my miracle, he’s the reason why I’ve been put on this earth. I love him to pieces, and he’s soooo darn cute!!

Jan, 28 2014john masters pomegranate oil

One Product that I truly love and use a lot is John Masters Organics Pomegranate Oil. Since I have dry skin
this oil really hydrates my skin and keeps it super soft! It has a blend of over 10 essential plant
oils and extracts which keep your skin glowing. I also use it over my makeup as to make my skin appear dewy.
I just apply my foundation and powder, then dot my nose, forehead, and cheek bones with it. Your skin will
look alive and fresh! It’s fairly inexpensive, and will last awhile if you don’t over use it. It also comes
in a dropper so it’s easy to use sparingly. Hopefully you’ll try it and see for yourself.

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